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LRT CALOOCAN MALL is a home to hundred of stores and outlets that offer a variety of products and services. Topping the list is a computer generated products and services that enumerates photocopy system, photo digital services, computer and internet shops, multimedia stores (CD-R’s and its relation), large format printing and novelty items, playstations sales and repair, video transfer, electronic products and gadgets (portable elite CD player and the like), telecommunication sales and services (up-to-date cellphone units, accessories and featured services). These only prove that the mall has reached the edge in terms of technological advancement.

Beyond these, the mall also offers the new and traditional way of health and beauty care services such as: Dental Clinic, Optical Clinic, Body Salon and Spa, Hair Treatment Salon and Physical Fitness Center – all provides a new trend in health and body care. Herbal Medicine and blind masseur that offer physical treatment and prevention also fall under this category combining traditional and new channel of health services.

Some other products and services that uprising the market of the mall include money changer, pawnshop, appliance center, ink refilling station, accessories, shipping and airlines ticketing outlets, real estate agency, postal office and amusement center. Adding up the luscious and affordable foods found at a number of foodcarts selection located along the Atrium of the mall.

The last but definitely not the least, the presence of the 24-hour stay-a-while services courtesy of HOTEL SOGO makes us different from others.

In contemporary time, LRT CALOOCAN MALL will continue to give room for businesses of those existing and starting small and medium enterprises through engaging their trust with us. Opening its door for the new and more advance line of products and services to meet the people’s satisfactions and demands.

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