Tagzania is closing soon. Please download your data in your profile page 2021-12-15

Tagzania in your language

Tagzania is now in eight languages, English, Spanish, Basque, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and French. The old Tagzania had more language options, and we are working to recover that multilingual option. We consider our translations to be open content (Creative Commons ShareAlike).

Are you interested in seeing Tagzania in your language? You can contribute with translations. Please contact through us by email: tagzania (at) gmail.com.

Tagzania.com uses gettext to work in different languages. Thanks to gettext, the site can be run in a new language very easily, just translating a single po file.

If you want to collaborate having Tagzania in your language, write us to tagzania (at) gmail.com with your idea. Please, write us before start translating, as somebody else might already start working on your language.

How to translate Tagzania.com to your language

All you need to do is download the actual PO file in english, and translate it to your language.

PO files can be edited with any plain-text editor (avoid MS-Word, OpenOffice and similars). There are some PO file editing tools out there, but some of them could be modifying the headers of the file, so we prefer that you do it with your plain-text editor.

Please follow these steps

  1. Download the actual PO file here: Actual english PO file
  2. Open it with a plain text editor
  3. Substitute the text in english in the lines starting with "msgstr" with the needed translation:
  4. For example, this is the original text in english:

    msgid "general_idea_tried_adding_videos"
    msgstr "Have you tried adding videos?"

    This would be the translation to spanish

    msgid "general_idea_tried_adding_videos"
    msgstr "¿Has probado a agregar videos?"
  5. Send us back ( tagzania at gmail.com) your translated file, and that's it!