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What's OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world, it's edited and updated by volunteers, like Wikipedia .

Why do we use and support OpenStreetMap

Most maps we use, like Google Maps, aren't free, the data is copyrighted. Those maps have user rights, so you have to pay a license for them.

OpenStreetMap is available under Creative Commons (SA - BY), so you can use it freely, even for commercial purposes. Find more about the license in the OpenStreetMap FAQ.

OpenStreetMap's advantages

Main advantages: free license, updated and accurate data.

Thousands of users are updating OpenStreetMap continuously. Thanks to this work, the data shown is more accurate to reality than other maps, just updated if you pay an extra. Apart from that, local volunteers know better their home town than big map companies.

OpenStreetMap in Tagzania

In Tagzania we don't want to be tied to just one map-supplier. That's why we're using Mapstranction, so we can use different maps, for instance, OpenStreetMap. Find more about this in the Tagzania blog.

If you want to see OpenStreetMap data in Tagzania, add this to the URL in your browser ?map=openstreetmap. For example, if we type this: http://www.tagzania.com/pt/donostia/?map=openstreetmap we can see Donostia's OSM map-.

Our goal is giving more presence to OSM in Tagzania.

How can I collaborate with OpenStreetMap

Some of us are volunteers in OpenStreetMap. We've mapped streets, roads and towns around the Basque Country, see the Eibar map for instance.

You can help OSM, have a look to the beginners guide.